DC Madam Lawyer Blair Sibley Is Probably Depressed Today So Go To His Blog And Say Something Nice
Apr 7, 2016 at 2:17 AM
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What's the worst that could happen if he just releases the list now?

Go say hello to Mr. Sibley at his blog. And write something nice. I do not wish to be the blogger who sent loads of negative vitriol in his direction.


UPDATE: Supreme Court Rejects DC Madam Case


Commentary from our own John Titus, lawyer, scholar and gentleman:

It appears the Supreme Court is saying you don't have standing--injury--until you are legally penalized for your actions; right now it's just an order, and courts cannot rule on orders (or statutes) unless there is a case between two parties, including an injured plaintiff.

Under art 3 of the constitution, courts can only decide "cases and controversies." Any number of criteria have been developed by the courts for what qualifies as a case: it has to be ripe, not moot, etc., and the plaintiff has to have standing/injury. Absent those criteria, the courts would be issuing advisory opinions, a judicial no-no.

In any case, Sibley should be happy. Roberts just cleared the dance floor for Sibley's next move. Imo, he's asking for a ruinously long delay by appealing to another justice. It's not as if his penalty would be any worse if he fired away now. And if he's ultimately right, as I think he is, there won't be any valid and enforceable penalty in any event.


In case you missed it earlier:

UPDATE: Supreme Court Rejects DC Madam Case



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