CNBC Congressional Bonus Debate: The Sherminator Kicks Some Wall Street Ass
May 29, 2009 at 2:39 PM
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The debate with Mark Haynes and Erin banking apologista Burnett is focused on Capitol Hill efforts to impose special taxes on bonus payments made by firms who have received taxpayer bailout cash.

Guess who wins this contest of wit and intelligence. If you thought brunette bimbette, then you are asked to leave the site.

I have been trying to restrain myself in descriptions, but this video is terrific. You will enjoy it.

Some of the Sherminator's great lines: "I want all bailouts to stop. I want capitalism. Bailouts are not capitalism. Tarp is not capitalism. We should have AIG in receivership. It should have been in receivership for months now.  We don't have to hunt the witches, we know who they are. What do AIG executives know about running a financial services company?  They only know how to destroy one. We need some limitations on salary and bonus.  The goal is to get them off the TARP system entirely. Give back the money and run your companies.  This is about people who think they are really important but work at bailed out companies.  I'm against bailing out Wall Street period. If they want capitalism, let them have capitalism and give the money back.


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