Citigroup's Profit Mirage: 'Lower Than Expected Earnings' Doesn't Tell The True Story - It's Actually MUCH Worse - And They Set Aside $24.4 Billion For Pay & Bonuses
Jan 24, 2011 at 6:10 PM
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Citi claims net income this morning of $1.3 billion, but there were two large, offsetting charges that shaped this number.

1) - Citi’s earnings were also hit by a $1.1 billion charge related to the bank’s own debt.  Citi debt rose in value during the fourth quarter as investors became more confident the company will be able to repay what it owes. However, accounting rules mean this positive development results in a charge against profit.

2) - Citi released $2.25 billion of loan loss reserves this quarter...which means that $2.25 billion was magically added to gross income.

So back out both charges, and Citigroup earned barely $150 million for the quarter, while J.P. Morgan earned $4 billion during the same 3 months.  Ouch.

Also, the most important number is below - Citigroup set aside $24.4 billion for compensation and bonuses.

An insolvent bank paying $24.4 billion in bonuses...

Just another day in the U.S. Banana Republic...


A Look Inside Citi's Numbers...

"I am very pleased that with our fourth consecutive profitable quarter, we earned $10.6 billion for the year,” Pandit said in a statement.

It’s always another excuse or shifting expectations at Citigroup.  Handed a dismal quarter, Pandit’s focusing on a profitable year.  The suggestion is that eking out a profit is the new standard for a too-big-to-fail bank that leans on the government and taxpayers.

Source - David Weidner - Marketwatch


$24.4 Billion for pay and bonuses...

Compensation, the bank’s biggest expense, was $24.4 billion for the full year, down 2 percent from a year earlier, the company said in an earnings supplement. Citigroup had 260,000 employees at the end of 2010, up from 258,000 at the end of September, the first quarterly increase in three years.


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