Chris Whalen: "Fannie Mae Is Now The Largest Landscaping Company In The U.S." (VIDEO)
Nov 7, 2010 at 10:16 PM
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2 minutes.  Whalen on Foreclosure-Gate.  Shite will hit the fan in 3-6 months.  Says Dodd-Frank may be used to restructure banks.


CNBC Video:  Chris Whalen on Fast Money

Transcribed quote:

There is declining interest income on one side of the house and increasing costs in servicing foreclosures of properties.  They are losing money on both sides.

The efficiency ratio for banks is going to go close to 100%, banks are going to be bleeding cash.  The next three to six months is when things are going to get out of control; banks servicing departments don't have the capacity to own and operate the real estate.  Dodd-Frank legislation may be used to restructure banks.

Fannie and Freddie are the biggest sellers of real estate in the U.S.  Fannie Mae is the biggest landscaping company in the U.S. now.

Banks are not equipped to be owners of real property; when their assets get illiquid they can't lend.  Banks are walking away from the properties.


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