Call The Treasury Secretary TODAY (phone numbers included): CNBC's Steve Liesman Interviews Tim Geithner. Broadcast March 25
Mar 25, 2009 at 1:37 PM
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This interview was shown on CNBC's Power Lunch about an hour ago.  Liesman does a slightly better job than banking apologista Erin Burnett.  Her on-camera gladfest earlier this week with Geithner was the high-school cheerleader interviewing the head of the Spanish club.

Yet Liesman whiffed just like Erin for failing to ask the most pertinent question of all.  Why aren't bank debt holders being asked to absorb some of the banking losses?  It's Bill Gross versus your family.  Why do he and other bank bondholders come out whole and GM bonholders are asked to take massive hits?

Political influence of the largest banks.  They own Geithner and it's disgusting.

If this makes you upset, call Treasury RIGHT NOW and tell them how you feel:

202-262-2960  and  202-262-2000

Contact Washington NOW

Video of Geithner interview is after the jump. 


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