Bill Black Slams Bartiromo Over Goldman Non-Prosecution: "FBI Agents Were Never Even Assigned To Investigate The Case! Was A Grand Jury Even Convened?"
Aug 17, 2012 at 11:14 AM
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So let me get this straight.  The Goldman Sachs Dept. of Justice failed to seriously investigate massive financial fraud at Goldman Sachs.

Sounds about right.

William Black decimates CNBC's money-honey.

"FBI agents were never even assigned to investigate the case.  Was a Grand Jury even convened?"

Wow.  Watch this all the way to the end, as Maria tries to shut down Black and mistakenly calls the DOJ 'the defense department', not referring to the military but rather a department of justice filled with criminal defense attorneys instead of prosecutors.  She went to the core of the issue at Eric Holder's DOJ aka Dept. of Criminal Defense Attorneys Masquerading as Prosecutors, and didn't even realize it.

This mis-step into the Orwellian zone is both frightening and sickening.


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