Bailout News Video: He's An Original. He's Back. And He's Still Not Very MF'ing Happy. America's Most Talented Economic Ranter Has A Few Words For You
Jun 25, 2009 at 9:44 AM
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Editor's note: This story was originally posted in February meaning most of you haven't seen it.

The genius has returned.  Walstreetpro2 is fresh off his unfair suspension on youtube and is back to making sense on the airwaves. It's 8 minutes and completely profane. NSFW.

Watch out Washington, a star is being born and he doesn't seem like the type who's gonna back down as his audience grows.  Up for discussion is federal bankruptcy, gold, debt monetization, California, Kansas, job losses, Geithner, the Federal Reserve.  Heck I lost count.  Watch it.

"We are in some hella-fied shit if Kansas is fucked up."

"Everybody knows when you're borrowing money just to pay interest, you're fucked."

"What the fuck's a temporary tax hike?  Everybody know when they raise taxes, that shit ain't temporary." 

"How do you gurantee paper with more paper?"

"They're gonna monetize this federal debt, and destroy this fucking dollar. I mean destroy it."

"That's always the last step, monetizing the federal debt."

"I mean they're gonna print money on top of money on top of fucking money."




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