Bailout News: AIG Is A Warm, Cuddly Puppy With A Red Bow And A Chew Toy That Is Shitting All Over The House (Video And Links For 3-17-09)
Mar 16, 2009 at 4:41 PM
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Everything is inside.  Why ruin a moment of puppy-induced calm.

For clarification: we are the chew-toy, Obama's feigned speech this morning is the red ribbon and the shit all over the house, well that's AIG.

By contractual obligation with myself and enforced by Sullivan & Cromwell, all AIG stories must begin by mentioning that Joseph J. Cassano is a great human being who deserves to spend the rest of his days in federal prison.

There are 3 sub-dramas to this weekend's AIG story.

1) AIG Bonuses and Reaction

As most readers already know, AIG is involved in a bonus payment scandal related to their financial products division.  The same division that emasculated AIG and taxpayers.  It's all over but the crying, because the $165 million in bonuses WERE paid yesterday.

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2) AIG Payouts to Counterparties

A more detailed list of payments to AIG counterparties was released this weekend in an attempt to create a diversion for the AIG bonus payments.  Make sure to read the Felix Salmon piece below.

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3) Obama Thinks You Are Stupid

Everything is public relations.  Politicians generally deserve their loathesome reputations and Obama's clever speech this morning re-affirms my belief that most are impertinent scoundrels.  They smile and genuflect accordingly, while they run roughshod over the truth.

My anger this afternoon is directed at Presidnt Obama for whom I voted, not incidentally.  And I highly doubt it would be any different under McCain-Palin, except then I would have to worry about Sarah usurping control after she had McCain poisoned.

Listen to his speech.  If you were not paying close attention you would think that Obama was getting tough and was telling Tim to not allow the bonuses.

You would be wrong.

The bonuses have already been paid.  It's done.  This speech was nothing but public relations Clinton style.  Apparently Slick-Willie is back in business.  Semantics, people.  Pay attention to the words.

Ah, so it's about future bonuses says Reuters.

"The president told Secretary Geithner ... to take every legal means that he has to push back against this, to figure out who put this in the contracts and when, and to make sure this doesn't happen again," Austan Goolsbee, a member of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, told Reuters Financial Television.



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