Bailout Comedy The Daily Show: Jon Stewart Wonders About The Goldman Sachs Connection To Washington
Apr 20, 2009 at 1:43 PM
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 In the latest edition of 'Clusterf**k to the Poorhouse', Jon starts to put the pieces together: Henry Paulson, Ed Liddy (CEO of AIG) and Robert Rubin (former CEO of Goldman).  The only salient rub he didn't mention was the inappropriate inclusion of Lloyd Blankfein at the Paulson meeting last Fall where AIG's fate was decided.

Also, and not coincidentally, his writers stole my puppy gag about how to make the financial crisis seem more palatable. I know people from the Daily Show read my stuff because I see their IP addresses in my logs.  Feel free to use what you want, just have me on the show, damnit.




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