Bailout Comedy: BRAND NEW and Exclusive to DailyBail Readers: We Present 'MC Bailout'
Jan 26, 2009 at 1:42 PM

We haven't yet posted any of the bailout songs that most of you have seen.  Now, we're glad we waited. Take a look at this video by stockbroker Gregg Somerville with music and production by Chris Conti. Gregg submitted it to us this morning and we're happy to showcase such excellent work.  Great job with the lyrics.  Enjoy as MC Bailoutgets a little crazy.  Stockbroker Thuglife.

And surely you have seen this video.  OVER 72,000 Visitors Have Come to DailyBail in Just the Past Week to See This Guy Lose His Mind About the Bailouts!

And Click here for the Song 'F*k the Fed'.   A Gentle Little Song About The Federal Reserve.  You will not be disappointed!

Wondering why he's so angry.  Read any of the following stories and you will have a pretty good idea.  The taxpayer is being fleeced and we are finally getting appropriately angry!

Generational Rape With a Trillion-Dollar Shovel

Taxpayers Tell Citi to SUCK IT!  Pandit Complies.

Taxpayers: Behold Your New Leader, Sheila Bair.  Bad Bank CEO.

Gm's Bob Lutz Whines about His Bailout While Using Your Credit Card

The Angry American Taxpayer

Fraudie Mac Wants $35 Billion MORE from Your Kids!

Citi, AIG and Bank of America Are Never Ending Black Holes of Insanity!

Three Stooges Located. Hint: Somewhere In Your House

Bank of America Wants More of Your Money Part Deux

Citi Will Never Stop Asking For Your Money. Ever.

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