Alan Grayson To Alex Jones: "The Fed's Lobbyist, This K-Street Whore Linda Robertson Is Trying To Teach Me About Economics" (Radio Broadcast, Sep. 24)
Sep 30, 2009 at 12:27 AM
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Listen to these 2 short clips (6 minutes each) and then email them to friends and start spreading the truth.  This one is important.

Congressman Alan Grayson spent 12 minutes with Alex Jones last Thursday on the eve of hearings Friday morning for Ron Paul's HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve.  Some background on Alex Jones for those who are unfamiliar or even more likely have the wrong impression.  Jones attacks and blames Republicans and Democrats with equal antipathy.  We assume he is a Libertarian though we have no confirmation.  Above all, he is one of thousand s of concerned Americans who seeks to expose hypocrisy and to re-elevate the platform of truth.

In the first clip, Grayson rails on Halliburton and other fraudulent military contractors while discussing the hidden gem found in the ACORN de-funding amendment from last week.  And in clip #2, Grayson and Jones discuss Bernanke, the Fed, bailouts, Wall Street, and especially the $500 billion in Fed currency swaps with foreign central banks that Grayson exposed in July during Bernanke's testimony before Congress.  And that's just the first 3 minutes.  The second half of clip #2 is dedicated to House and Senate passage of HR 1207 and how you can help make sure it happens.

Both clips and some seriously choice quotes are inside.



Grayson-Jones Video #1


Grayson Video #2


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