A Movement By The People To Prevent The Reappointment Of The Fed Chairman - Bernanke's Failed CNBC Predictions Caught On Tape
Jan 2, 2012 at 12:21 PM
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Spliced video from 5 CNBC appearances from 2005-07 where Bernanke demonstrates that he knows absolutely nothing.  This one is so good we need it to go viral.  Please send it to your reps in Congress and to the White House.  Washington contact info for everyone and everything is here.

If we can get a million voters to see the clip, and from that group, 100,000 or so to actually email the video to someone in Washington, we might just be able to make enough noise to send B-52 back to Princeton.  At a minimum we will make his life miserable and cause him extreme distress as this video passes through a million households and his utter lack of competence is seen by so many.  If nothing else, think of it as a few minutes of your time for karmic revenge.  Thank you!


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