Chrysler 1979: Bailout News From Back In The Day With Music By Bob Seger
Mar 8, 2009 at 9:52 PM
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For whatever reasons those old enough to remember (I was 12 and remember Lee Iacocca coming in from Ford to lead the way. Yeah, back then failout CEOs got fired and sangre nueva was brought in.) the government bailout of Chrysler corp. in 1979 generally think it was a massive rescue.

It was $1.5 billion.  Triple that number to adjust for inflation and we're talking about $5 billion in today's dollars.  Miniscule.  Wouldn't even make the front page. 

This above video is a report from AP Radio about bailout old school.

And inside we have an ancient favorite from Detroit legend Bob Seger, hat tip to reader Old Man.

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