Bailout CNBC: Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis Should Shut His Pie Hole
Feb 6, 2009 at 7:29 PM
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He's still incredibly out of touch with the American people. Listen early on as he says that $500k in salary is ok. That he'll make do. Ken, some advice, next time you open your pie hole: remember that the average taxpayer earns less than $40k in this country and most work just as hard as you. Plus none of them has billed taxpayers for $45 billion nor requested a $120 billion guarantee on shit assets, nor did any of them give Merrill $15 billion to spend on bonuses. You are unique in your achievements.

And yet you still have a job (seriously wtf?), for which we are paying you $500k. I just contemplated that sentence. Why are you being paid at all for 2009?  You should have been shit-canned months ago for driving BAC into the ground with the 2 most ill-conceived bank purchases of the last decade.

After the jump is the full interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo from this afternoon.

And here is Ken Lewis in all his glory today on CNBC. They prohibit embedding their videos so you have to go there to see it.  Scan down the article and you will see the video on the left.

The sneaky folks at CNBC edited this video and put the altered version on their main video page. I didn't link to that one. My link is to the original version.  Anyone surprised to hear that the only part they edited was Lewis talking about the $500k pay caps?  Bastards. 


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