Bailout News: WW II Edition: Taxpayer Iwo Jima
Feb 2, 2009 at 9:26 PM
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The maxim reads that if you're a financial journalist, chances are you will never do anything in your entire career that is meaningful to people. Painful to hear, but true. Occasionally you can have a positive impact on someone or some issue, but really, you're just covering news that other people make.

However the current crisis has altered the dynamic. The Daily Bail launched 3 weeks ago and we exist to fight the immoral transfer of trillions in debt from private banks onto the backs of future generations. If not stopped there will be $10 trillion of debt created by our government in the next five years, and most of it given to the banks. That amount is equal to our entire national debt for our first 232 years as a nation.

We're here to keep tabs on the heist. To provide an official daily record of the generational pillaging. The site is still raw and nobody knows us yet. Yet almost 100,000 of you have stumbled your way here in our first 18 days, via word of mouth, some support from bloggers and the calm words of one concerned taxpayer. Though we're grateful for the traffic we realize it's going to take millions of angry, Congress-dialing taxpayers to stop this well planned heist.

We're keeping the site free of advertising, and in turn please click on our feed or bookmark us. Telling a friend or 5 wouldn't hurt either. For those unfamiliar with feeds: click the large orange guy at the top right of any page. It's self explanantory once you click. It's completely free and there's NO sign-up of any sort. It's just a simple way of seeing our content. Check it out. Orange guy is hungry.

A special message to young people finding us through Twitter. This is Your Revolution and you need to help lead it. With respect, you need to wake the f up and understand that it is primarily your cash headed out the door and straight to the failed banks. And not to rub salt, but they just paid themselves over $18 billion in collective bonuses for their outstanding work in 2008, with your money.

We have a program building behind the scenes for letting Washington know what you think. But we have to achieve critical mass first. It's going to demand that a million of you, from teenagers to seniors call Congress and The White House on one day. It's one of the things we have in the works and we'll be announcing details soon in collaboration with partners.

Inside there are more photos of Iwo Jima plus several relevant links including Wednesday's Squirel with close to 40 stories and growing.

Bailout news links for Wednesday. All in one link with thumbnails.



Here is the link to many more photos of Iwo Jima.

And here is an interesting piece aobut the shame of wall street  published yesterday in the NY Times.


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