Home Foreclosure Mortgage Bailout CNBC Kudlow Video: Rick Santelli Responds to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Chicago Tea Party 
Feb 21, 2009 at 6:06 AM
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I'll have commentary later but for now enjoy the battle of words.  Gibbs is not going to last long.  He is condescending and annoying.  A quick word for you, Robert.  Santelli will eat your lunch before you even unfurl your napkin.  Don't forget Santelli's mind is wired differently than yours.  His operates in warp speed and yours seemingly doesn't operate at all.

Reuters says Obama's Home Foreclosure Mortgage Bailout Plan will cost taxpayers $275 billion to help the least deserving 9 million Americans.  Let that sink in please.  Obama is going to spend $275 billion on 3% of our population.  And it has absolutely zero chance of success.  Housing prices have much further to fall nationwide.  The market is inexorable.  He can delay the inevitable decline at great expense until he has proven to the world that we are the new Japan.  Where is the change Team Obama.  Everyday your administration look more and more like the past 20 years of Bush-Clinton incest.

Please visit chicagoteaparty.com and register your email with them.  Finally our day is coming.


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