Bailout News: Bad Banks, Stimulus Get Spanked by Stiglitz. 45 Stories inside.
Feb 2, 2009 at 7:06 AM

There is little company specific news this morning.  It's all about the stimulus and the bad bank.  Two buddies that aren't getting much respect out there.  I couldn't find a single positive piece either mainstream or blog that was happy about the stimulus or the bad bank idea.

We have Nobel winner Joseph Stiglitz saying 'hell no, absolutely not' to the bad bank.  He's now a site superstar along with David Walker and Peter G. Peterson.  We also have Krugamn and his gang unhappy because there isn't going to be enough spending from their standpoint.

There are 45 links inside this morning.  It's a Weekend Economic Blog Round Up.  The 45 best bailout and economic stories in one link. 

It will all make sense after the jump.

I changed my mind and seprated the links into three.  But each contains the other squirrels inside.  Just check it out.  It'll make sense.  Here are the 3 squirrels.


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