Bailout News For Feb.17th: Insolvent Banks, Autos, Ireland and Eastern Europe
Feb 17, 2009 at 10:02 AM
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Ireland is in trouble and facing default, not too surprising given the blanket guarantee offered for its entire banking system.  Eastern Europe is threatening to implode and take several lender nations along for the ride. General Motors is out of cash and back to the public trough on D-Day for the big three automakers.  California fell one vote short of passing a budget to cut their deficit.  The state of Kansas has suspended all income tax refunds and can't meet its payroll.  The NBA secured a $175 million bailout for 15 of its weaker franchises. South Korea is having a currency moment as Woori bank struggles.  And finally, everyone seems to agree that the US banking system is utterly insolvent.

After the jump, I have all 45 links neatly packaged and ready for your consumption.  We promise it won't hurt.  Just open your eyes slowly, start reading and then call someone in Washington and tell them how you feel.  All the relevant phone numbers and email addresses are inside.

I've changed my mind and decided to waste more inches on my front page.  The links are below. Emails work but a phone call is usually better and more cathartic.  What the hell, let's go ahead and add the phone number for the US Treasury to the mix. Give them a call and ask for Tim Geithner's office. When you get his voicemail, just tell him that the citizenry has begun to pay attention and that he should support taxpayers over bondholders in all future bank bailouts.  Remind him that YOU pay his salary and that you will be paying close attention to his response to the crisis.  Please take a moment to place a call.  I promise you will feel better afterwards.  50 calls will be noticed.  250 will raise some eyebrows and 500 calls will make our presence felt.  We're getting close to 2,500 daily readers now so let's get it done, people. 

Tuesday's 45 links    202-622-2000 (phone)   202-622-6415 (fax)

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