Bailout News : Meredith Whitney Says Taxpayer Bad Bank Won't Work
Jan 29, 2009 at 5:16 AM

The Oracle speaks.  Star banking analyst, Meredith Whitney has finally broken her silence on the good bank/bad bank proposal that's currently being floated as the administration's response to the banking crisis.  She is the most important banking analyst on the Street and deservedly so.  It turns out that Ms. Whitney is none too amused with the idea of burdening taxpayers with this pile of toxicity, and she states bluntly that it will NOT work. Get her view in detail from 4 sources including the original Oppenheimer report pdf. after the jump.

There's also word this afternoon that New York AG Andrew Cuomo is looking into clawing back the $15 billion of your money that Merrill used for bonuses just last week.  There are 22 afternoon links after the jump.


Dealbreaker's Version Has the Link to the Oppenheimer Report

Carney at Clusterstock Has the Best Summary with excerpts

Financial Times Analyzes Her Report Here

Also a good summary here from reuters thru CNBC


Also see:

Obama speaks out against wall street bonuses ok. words are one thing. now show us some claw-backs.

Clusterstock Says at least $2 Trillion of your money for next phase of bank bailout  Clusterstock gets it wrong.  Total Cost to Taxpayers will be in excess of $4 trillion according to Roubini and others. And what do i find now?  A report saying the cost will be $4 trillion.

Bad Bank would cost taxpayers $4 Trillion   Sen. Chuck Schumer

Cuomo is Fighting to Get Back Your $15 billion that was Used for Bonuses.   YES!!!

Finally, Custerstock on All the Groups you haven't heard of that are getting your children's cash 



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