Bank Bailout News: Taxpayers Tell Citigroup To Suck It. Pandit Complies.
Jan 28, 2009 at 1:18 AM

It's always the little things.  In last week's row over the huge losses at Merrill Lynch, we learned that $15 billion of your kids' dough was flushed down the toilet in the form of year-end bonuses for Merrill staff.  And this in a year that Merrill saw cumulative losses of greater than $40 billion.  Though there was plenty of outrage, the story that really caught people's attention that day was the Gasparino piece in The Daily Beast about John Thain's $1.2 million dollar office redecoration.

Hmm.  We have $15 billion in ridiculous bonuses versus $1 million in walking toilets.  It was a commode with legs after all.  Advantage: commode.

Yesterday we learned that Citi was preparing to take delivery on a luxury 12-seater that they ordered in 2006.  The cost, $50 million.  Meanwhile Citi has stolen $45 billion from your kids already  (plus a $300 billion asset guarantee), all in the past 14 weeks.  Advantage: luxury 12-seater.

It's not that surprising, really.  Some outrages resonate more than others.  So today, in the first symbolic win for the taxpayers since the auto execs were forced to hitch a ride to Washington, Citi announced that it will not take delivery of the new plane.

And you know what, we'll take it.  Though mostly symbolic, a win is a win, and we sure as hell needed one.  So come on inside where the taxpayer takes a victory lap as we examine how it all went down.

We have 4 unique takes on the story, each a great read.  Plus, today was Citi's annual Investor Day and we've got the transcript of all the lies Pandit was telling.

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