Bailout News Links For Saturday Night: Debt Party USA!
Jan 24, 2009 at 6:39 PM

It's Saturday night and I have rounded up all the good stuff since yesterday plus a few surprises.

Take the Saturday evening click ride to check out all 45 Bailout stories and see where your children's future tax payments are headed.  Yes, I said 45.

Bring on the pain.  Enjoy!


These are in no particular order. Some of the best are actually near the bottom.  All are important reads.


the group trying to solve it all

salmon on ge

frank lutz on stimulus polling

harvard can't sell PE

Citi's DTAs   bloomberg

read this post for much more on citi's DTAs with links to 3 ouststanding articles all on their DTAs

france AAA at stake

grantham to buffett: you suck at investing

ken lewis gone next week

ge could lose aaa anyway

what ruinued the banks

earth is missing 265 billion annualy...the economist

debt mountain

whole country needs a bong break

mortgage cramdowns

can we be fiscally responsible and still have stimulus   morgan stanley

moving photos of african immigration to europe

chart excess wall street wages vs. historical average

dubai crumbling..workers fleeing leaving cars at airport with keys inside

Jim Chanos (my mentor)...banks are duplicitous weasels

geithner warning on yuan may spark tensions

be nice to china...they fund us

banks die too fast for regulators

roubini popular in japan

top 25 financial blogs  time mag

brink of debt disaster  mish

crisis in uk, us, australia   mish

extreme leverage in reverse portends global crash  mish

no limit to german economic intervention   mish

pound sinks as britain teeters on edge of bankruptcy

brown brings uk to bankruptcy's doorstep    the telegraph uk

bailed out banks fifth third, keycorp, huntington on the brink again   mish

video converstaion with chuck schumer

aftermath of financial crises   big picture  alan abelson  barrons

F the Fed video  big amazing it will get it's own blog post later

f the fed you tube home page of creator

Soros gives thumb down to TARP 1.0   naked capitalism

cramdowns and future mortgage credit costs  naked capitalism

incredible!! photos from inside the tunnels of gaza

Bad Thain, Bad    Financial Times

Citi and BAC are already nationalized   bloomberg 

boston scientific founders have to sell $500 million in company stock because other assets frozen at lehman

obama takes aim at wall street bonuses   bloomberg

wall street secretive fraternity kappa beta phi keeps partying   wsj


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