Beach Party Bailout! Bailout News Links For Friday
Jan 23, 2009 at 5:50 AM

The weekend is mere hours away, but the bailout horror stories just keep coming.  Fifteen worth presenting so far and it's only 6:45 am.  We have Peter Schiff writing that the bailouts are perpetuating the credit bubble.  And a nice angry piece by John Carney on Wall Street's disgusting sense of entitlement.

Just spike it and be prepared for your usual outrage as you read where your children's tax dollars are headed today.


peter schiff writes that the bailouts are perpetuating the credit bubble...oh really...

merrill BAC deal destroys the myth of transparency in bailouts    WSJ    2 days old but not widely seen including by me...great article...must read...implies lewis failed to disclose details to bac shareholders...will lead to investor lawsuits..already has actually

focus on wall street's disgusting sense of entitlement    carney at clusterstock

more on goodbank/bad bank idea...i'll tell you it's a horrible idea...   wsj   make the bondholders take the hit...not taxpayers! 

cuomo NOT chosen for nysenate..will remain AG and hopefully prosecute thain and lewis  WSJ

market event daily round-up at clusterstock  has schedule everything on tap for today...earnings, numbers, fed speakers, big financial tv guests

sen. menendez of new yersey speaks out against fiat getting $3.5 billion of your children's cash   wsj

pressure grows for more bailout funds   wsj  no sub required

new details on barney frank's improper work on behalf of local boston bank 

was maxine waters also involved in these shady dealings...let's hoe so... la observer

uk bailout critics are growing louder    let's keep up pressure     WSJ

house rejects obama's request for second $350 billion        AP

how is tarp being used by banks    charlotte observor

uk bailout: editorial calling on darling to admit the true, cost of bank bailouts    timesonline 

I'll be adding more every hour.  So keep checking back.

Obama takes aim at wall street bonuses    bloomberg  count me as skeptical on this one



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