Bailout News: Warning! This Dog Will BITE: We Present The Awakened Taxpayer
Jan 22, 2009 at 8:49 PM

Something happened today.  Was it a watershed day for taxpayers in their struggle for reason and  financial accountability from bailout recipients?  Still not clear, but the online forums, where even the most afflicted stalk quietly on most days, were today scenes of carnage, hemorraghing from the insatiable bloodlust of a seething beast, the angry American taxpayer.  The game, Bank CEO Bloodsport.  It was Rome, the Coliseum was SRO, and it was a bad, bad day to be a gladiator.  And the plebes were none too amused at Taxpayer Bitches Ken Lewis and John Thain. ( Yes. We own you now.  Gone are your days of waste on our children's dime.  Our recommendation: focus on the fight to keep your name from becoming a federal prison serial # and your suit from being exchanged for something more one-pieceish, and orange.  The quick-on, quick-off functionality of your new threads will soon make sense.)

For you have crossed a line.  And though occasionally appearing docile, not unlike a junkyard dog, this taxpayer does not like to be crossed.  And today, Thain and Lewis (or FP# 551008001 and FP# 551008002) , Mr. Leroy Brown woke up.

All readers be sure to click on the following link above as it takes you to the best of all the financial blogs/chatrooms which is found at  Once there click on the 'comments' link at the bottom of the Merrill story and you will be transported to the Coliseum from earlier today. 

Editor's Note: Let's not lose this anger. 

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