Beach Party Bailout! Thursday Morning Bailout News Links
Jan 22, 2009 at 4:43 AM

$15 BILLION of bank of america's BAILOUT went to pay Bonuses     Clusterstock   This is the single most important story for today.  IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ FOR ALL!!!

Does bank of america need $80 Billion MORE      Clusterstock

Merrill Lynch awards itself a $15 BILLION Bonus of your BAILOUT MONEY

Barney Frank in trouble for helping boston bank a government bailout...uh, oh.....WSJ

how citi managed to pull a 180 on the government politico

how bailouts could destroy the union points to the author for quoting thomas jefferson on the banks and exactly why he founded UVa...DB's alma amter

house urges tougher rules on bailout recipients      Washington Post

obama team pushes to complete bailout and stimulus plan bloomberg

prince alwaleed loses $11 billion in citi profits bloomberg

madoff investors have 2 options for money, the IRS and the SIPC bloomberg

new york state must borrow to pay unemployment claims NYTimes

getting bailouts and dodging taxes US

dems, reps, clash on bailout and stimulus AP

Fiat to get $3 billion of YOUR money for FREE?! JusticeNews

More fright-peddling, more bailouts      the new american

Keep checking back.  I'll be adding new links to the list every hour.

And you're welcome for the photo.   DB

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