Beach party bailout! Wednesday morning bailout news links
Jan 21, 2009 at 8:16 AM

Take a stab at this morning's roundup. Harley Davidson, the auto suppliers, the New York Times and Obama's big bailout decision. Will he choose to save you or the bondholders? Take a wild at which way he's leaning.

Obama Ready to Save Banks, Screw You Clusterstock Required reading!!

Preventing The Greates Bank Heist in History This should be story #1 for today.

HAH!!  Sheila Bair Tells CNBC I mean CNBS  that Banks are Well Capitalized     CNBS

Americans Want MORE INFO on Bailout Funds Use USNEWS & World Report

Chrysler Needs $3 billion More of Your Money Clusterstock & the WSJ

Bank Bailout Part Deux on the French Bank Bailout Forbes

Obama Has No Quick Fix For Banks NY Times

Belgium Mulls Secon Bank Bailout Reuters

Bank Stocks & the Trouble with Tarp Business Week

Auto Suppliers Want Bailout Cash Detroit News

Harley Davidson Wants Some Bailout Money, Too Examiner

That's just the first ten stories. I'll have ten more posted shortly!

NY Times gets $250 Million Private Bailout the Independent

Barack Obama, Banker in Chief Clusterstock

Chrysler Piece from the WSJ No Subscription Required

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Hammered by Falling Stock Prices Clusterstock

Sterling gets rocked by UK Bank Troubles WSJ No Sub Required

Tax Issue Won't Derail Geithner WSJ No SubRequired

EU tells Banks: Lend, Damnit! AP

Why Obama's Bailout Will Be THE SAME as Bush's USNEWS & World Report

Geithner Testifies Today NY Times


HAH!! Sheila Bair Tells CNBS that Banks are Well Capitalized CNBS

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