beach party bailout! Bailout News Links...Borat special edition
Jan 21, 2009 at 12:17 PM

Chose this photo because the idea of Borat in a lime-green, one-piece thong running with the Baywatch Babes is the only pic out there more ridiculous than our government's current obsession with saving the amalgam of toxicity which we call banks.  With Treasury Secretary Nominee, Tim Geithner, testifying before the Senate this morning, there are bailout stories breaking all over the place.  We're happy to see Tall Paul Volcker make an appearance.  Hey Obama: why wasn't Volcker your pick from the start?

Take an afternoon click ride and see where your children's future tax payments are headed.

First, in case you missed are this morning's 20 links or so

And now the new batch...Geithner's Prepared Statement to the Senate this morning

The Bailout Conundrum     Portfolio/Conde Nast

Obama Administration Has No immediate Answers on the Banks     International Herald Tribune

Geithner Apologizes For Not Paying His Taxes   AP 

A first read from Gregg Robb at Marketwatch

Keep Checking Back...I'll be adding more links every half hour...

Geithner Calls For Tougher Bailout Terms....yeah right, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn..ok you get my point...

THE DONALD to File For Bankruptcy!???    from EP over at Dealbreaker   Dealbreaker's better writer

Letter from David Rosenberg of Merrill Lynch...Not Your Father's Recession...wonkish

Obama Comprehensive Economic Plan to come within weeks    Bloomberg

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