Beach Party Bailout! tuesday morning bailout news links
Jan 20, 2009 at 3:51 AM



Obama's Bailout Challenge  NY times

Bailout is Windfall to Banks  NYTimes

George Soros on Tarp   Reuters

US Postal Service Bailout   Forbes

UK Bailout Model for Obama?   Fortune

Bunny Ranch Bailout Satire    MSNBC

More on UK Bailout      the DailyRecord

Bailout for Castro and Cuba

Henry Blodget on Fixing the Banks in the Right Way

More on the UK Bank Bailout this time from the WSJ    Current Status of Link...No Sub Needed

News on the French Auto Bailout     TimesOnlineUK

Jim Rogers Offers His Benign Thoughts on the Bailout...He's not Happy...But is he ever, really?

Sheila Barr in the NY Times on the banks...from Saturday, but good

Denmark Announces $18 billion bailout for banks

Senators Hagan and Burr of North Carolina Change Positions on Bailout Bill

New Trouble at Phoney Mae and Fraudie Mac    WSJ    Sub Required...hint find the story thru under phoney or fraudie and then when you click thru them, it's free

Another look at what went wrong inside Merril Lynch...great article...WSJ   Sub know the trick

Bernanke Grapples With New Risk...this morning the WSJ   same as above


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MORE LINKS...cuz that's just part of what we do...

Equity Private of Dealbreaker on the dilemna we face

Bess Levin of Dealbreaker with a PDF of Meredith Whitney's note on Q4 at Citi...

Bess Levin of DealBreaker with a PDF of Meredith Whitney's note on Bank of America  entitled "Meredith Whitney catches BAC with Pants around ankles"   Bess likes to use sexaul metaphor to convey meaning in everything.  She's a chimp.  But can write well occasionally.

Fiat to Take Stake in Chrysler...Cerberus DERVES PAIN...i hope they feel it...WSJ

Roubini Now Predicts $3.6 Triilion in combines US Credit Losses from  Calculated Risk  Great Site...Best Financial Discusion on the Web.  Smartest People Hang out at Calculated Risk.  Thanks, CR.


start to expect this everyday...i will provide bailout related links all day everyday...and soon we will be announcing the launch of 2 new, related sites...

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