beach party bailout! bailout news links for those not already depressed
Jan 17, 2009 at 6:56 PM

It's the weekend and that means Beach Party Bailout.  This is a strange ritual where everyone gets depressed, puts on their suit, and heads to the beach in the middle of winter, and freezes.  It's great fun for the whole family and the only costs are time, sanity, and the occasional ridicule from others It's sorta like being obsessed with following bailout stories, where the only costs are time, sanity, some ridicule and just one more little thing, our nation's future.  First, hide the kids, the guns and the liquor, and then it'll be safe to go surfingBallyhoo!


Here are the same links as above in the same order as above...

Taxpayers already down $64 billion on their TARP week

Chrysler Financial Gets $1.5 billion from TARP

Explainer: What Are Troubled Assets

Bailout Backlash is Growing!

Treasury Nominee Geithner not a fan of Free Speech

Obama Talks About Entitlement Reform

A Huge New Bailout Program in the Works

Naked Capitalism Links of the Day

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