obama and senate make sweet tender love on a $350 billion blanket
Jan 16, 2009 at 3:18 AM

The Senate wasted no time on Thursday on its first date with the new President.  Reports are that the orgy could could be heard as far away as...(editor here: stop this line of description, DailyBail, or else!).  Ok, the Senate approved the release of the second tranche of TARP funds ($350 billion of your money) to the incoming Obama administration.  The request is expected to face little difficulty in clearing the House.  That's just peachy.  Great News.  Read on about the ease with which your money has just been spent.

Here is the link and a snippet is below:

The 52-42 vote releases the money in the midst of rising foreclosures and a worsening climate for the nation's banks. It marked Obama's first legislative victory, days before he assumes office.  The vote came amid strong opposition from critics of how the first $350 billion has been spent.

Anyone else getting angry yet...?...



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