Ken Lewis Wants More of Your Money...Banc of America part deux
Jan 16, 2009 at 12:49 AM

Filed under 'Ken Lewis wants more of your money', the great taxpayer fleecing continues unabated.  In Bank of America part II, the details are starting to emerge and they aren't pretty.

What makes this particular bailout so infuriating to so many (yes, this one is rasing eyebrows everywhere), requires a list to explain:

One slightly encouraging development is the whiff of anger and outrage that seems to be in the air.  FINALLY.  Let us hope that once stirred, taxpayer anger can be directed appropriately.

The details.  Pretty much what we guessed last night when we first reported on this story.  Amazing how they are getting the same amount as Citi this go-round.  The numbers being floated are $20 billion from you plus a backstop, also from you, for $120 billion in bad loans.  I will be susrprised if the backstop comes in at less than $150 billion when the papers are brought forth.

The most refreshing read on this subject today has been Henry Blodgett over at his site clusterstock.  He is rightly outraged and we love his passion here at theDailyBail.  Keep up the great work.  Soon we will have momentum on our side. 

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