it's alive...The Daily Bail Soft Launch
Jan 15, 2009 at 9:04 PM

The public bailouts of private failure must stop.  We just launched and our first goal is to document it.  We'll find it, read it, sort it and then publish it in one place every day.  There will be bad attitude.  We know we might get sued for what we say about these scumbag, public-dole CEOs.  But we own these companies now, and we recommend the CEOs begin to behave accordingly.  Otherwise, we'll be happy to profile these riptards all over our pages.  Incessantly.  Watch and see how far over the edge we'll go now that we're getting seriously pissed off.   For example, see the thoughts of this calm taxpayer.  Warning: contains excessive profanity.

And since nobody obsesses in quite the way we do, we expect to remain the only news aggregation source for all stories related to the institutionally dysfunctional, painfully inept and completely counter-productive taxpayer bailout of failed people, ideas, businesses, pensions, municipalities, states and ultimately, we fear, of our federal government. 

Tell your friends about our site and what's going on in Washington.  Help us spread the word about the immoral transfer of debt from failed, private banks directly onto the backs of your chldren.  And to young people directly, seriously wake the f up, and realize that it's mostly your cash that's headed out the door.



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